Welcome! I'm Kalena.

A cherished wife, homeschooling mama of two, finds joy in singing Broadway tunes and worship music, loves a quiet morning reading my Bible, will have an afternoon dance party when the mood needs a change, and a long time dabbler in getting creative with herbs.

Why start sharing about getting back to "original medicine"?

To help you start plugging back in to that intuition while building confidence in making simple health choices.

Over the last seven + years, my pursuit of self-education, practical knowledge, guidance from mentors, and a deep conviction in God's provision of medicinal resources on Earth have guided me into the captivating domain of plants, mushrooms, and other natural blessings. Within this realm, I've dedicated my efforts to crafting tinctures, elixirs, teas, and various remedies, benefiting not only myself but also my family.


How did I come up with the name Wood Bee Botanicals and decide to start a business?

Conversations, with my husband, on our couch were filled with questions that always began with, "What would life be like if...?" We envisioned a life where we could sustain ourselves from our own land, create our own "medicine," and have the freedom to work from home. Steven, with his deep love for nature, gardening, and understanding the inner workings of the natural world, was the perfect partner in this endeavor. Together, we embarked on a journey to build a business fueled by our passion for holistic health and the wonders of nature.


Connect with me!

Email: woodbeebotanicals@gmail.com

Instagram: @woodbeebotanicals / @kalenaireneparker

TikTok: @woodbeebotanicals