Welcome to Wood Bee Botanicals!

Foraging, Growing, Family Gardens.....

We are committed to offering quality products and we take great pride in cultivating most of our plants and mushrooms ourselves, meticulously tending to their growth. When we can't grow them ourselves, we source these treasures from local or USA small garden or farm businesses, ensuring that our offerings are infused with the care and passion that mirrors our own.


Authority over your own body.

What if we took a step back to get in touch with the intuition God gave us, used the "medicine" we have growing here on earth, and supported our bodies to do their job?

Future Products

We are currently working on some simple PDF guides, gathering, and growing more plants, roots, and mushrooms.!

We look forward to working with a local farm to bring you the best quality tallow products we can as well as some local gardeners.

Future products we look forward to cultivating for you: new tinctures, teas, skin care, salves, and more!